Lender Information

      NeighborWorks Great Falls works with lenders who provide affordable housing lending. Our lender partners work directly with the borrowers and then send a package ( see Reservation Checklist ) to NeighborWorks Great Falls for processing. NeighborWorks Great Falls lending staff work closely with the lender throughout the process to ensure a timely approval and closing. Loan program information is posted to this website and is updated frequently as changes occur. Please check the website for any updates and important lender memos.


      How Do I Become a NeighborWorks Lending Partner?

      In order to participate in most NeighborWorks loan programs, lenders must be either USDA-RD approved or Montana Board of Housing approved. Please contact Maureen Rude at 406-458-8704 or philgendorf@nwmt.org or one of the loan specialists for more information on becoming a NeighborWorks lending partner.                        

      What do We Offer?

      NeighborWorks has several lending programs, which are intended to assist a broad spectrum of borrowers. These programs are outlined in Loan Programs Available.


      Income Guidelines

      The majority of programs at NeighborWorks requires participants to make no more than a certain level of income to qualify. One exception is enrollment in Homebuyer Education and other financial classes; there is no maximum income amount for these services. Please see income guidelines.

      Please use the downloadable matrix to locate your borrowers maximum income levels.



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