Manufactured Home Replacement

NeighborWorks Great Falls can help you remove your old manufactured home, find the right financing, and purchase a new affordable, quality home. All NeighborWorks Great Falls homes meet Next Step standards for quality and are placed on a permanent foundation. All homes are also Energy Star rated, leading many homeowners to find their energy cost savings with their new home pays a large portion of their mortgage. Homebuyer education and working with the staff in our manufactured housing team can help you determine if replacing your home through NeighborWorks is right for you.

How it Works

NeighborWorks will arrange the removal and disposal or your old mobile home and order you a new home direct from the factory. This not only passes the savings along to you, but also provides technical assistance to complete the set up of your new home.

The Benefits? Energy savings with Energy Star Plus homes, a lower home cost with factory-direct purchase, higher long-term value using a permanent foundation, low-cost financing for more affordable house payments and no hassle removal of your old trailer and worry-free competent set-up and finishing           


The Standards

The standards defined by Next Step give homeowners access to better initial mortgage financing options and increase the potential for successful resale of their home.

Learn more about Next Step.

  1. That homes meet rigorous quality standards and meet or exceed Energy Star standards.
  2. That homes be placed on high quality permanent foundations. Energy Star and related Next Step design standards ensure that homes are comfortable, durable, quiet, energy efficient and control moisture. Homes on permanent foundations have better lifetime performance in terms of energy use, maintenance and home value.



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