Crime and Saftey 

Crime and Saftey are at the heart of our neighborhood revitilization efforts. NeighborWorks Great Falls supports many community crime and saftey programs in Great Falls, such as Cascade County Watch, Operation Medicine Cabinet, and Coins for a Cause.

Cascade County Watch

Cascade County Watch is made up of two programs: Neighborhood and Business Watch; it brings together citizens from throughout Cascade County to address neighborhood crime at the block level – in residential and business areas.

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Coins for a Cause

Coins for a Cause is a program to address panhandling in Great Falls' downtown area. Giving spare change to panhandlers is only a short term solution, funds giving to Coins for Cause are allocated to long term homelessness solutions.

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Operation Medicine Cabinet: Central Montana

Operation Medicine Cabinet brings together local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and community groups to address Cascade County’s most serious drug problem: abuse of prescription drugs.

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