General FAQs

QDo all of your homes have income restrictions?

While some of our homes do have income restrictions, some do not. We have recently entered the market rate housing arena and will occasionally have homes available for any income level. Please contact us or your realtor for more information.

QDo I make too much money to use your services/programs?

No, there are no income limits on our homebuyer education and planning programs. We serve individuals and families of all income levels.

QDo I need to buy one of your houses in order to particpate in your programs?

No, NeighborWorks Great Falls programs are not limited to clients who choose to buy our homes. In fact, most of our program participants buy a non-NeighborWorks house - as NeighborWorks only builds around 15 houses a year.

QDo you have rentals available?

We have recently added rental developments to our portfolio. Check out our newest apartments, First Avenue Estates. We also provide a list of un-reviewed rentals from property managers around town for your convenience. Click here to see the list.

QHow do I sign up for your classes/programs?

Please use our customer portal to create an account and complete a profile. You will be asked to answer a series of questions, and then you will be directed to sign up for a pre-purchase homeownership appointment or Homebuyer Education. Check out our step-by-step guide here.

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