Homebuyer Education and Pre-Purchase Planning

NeighborWorks Great Falls knows that buying a home can be an overwhelming process - we're here to make it easier. NeighborWorks offers a monthly Homebuyer Education course to prepare hopeful homebuyers for their homeownership journey.  Homebuyer Education classes provide information on all aspects of homeownership including spending plans, home inspections, realtors, loans, and more! This class is a requirement to use any of NeighborWorks financial assistance, but is open to anyone interested in buying a home. For clients interested in a more one-on-one approach in we offer pre-purchase planning sessions for those who would like a bit more guidance from our homeownership planners. These sessions are free and are highly encouraged prior to taking our Homebuyer Education class. 

Upcoming Class Dates

  • February 17th | 9am - 5pm | Saturday
  • March 14th and 15th | 5pm - 9pm | Wednesday and Thursday
  • April 18th and 19th | 5pm - 9pm | Wednesday and Thursday
  • May 19th | 9am - 5pm | Saturday

Sign up for Homebuyer Education


1. Login/Set-up a NeighborWorks Great Falls customer account by clicking on the "Sign up for Homebuyer Education" button above.

2. Fill out your customer profile, once your profile is completed check your email - you will need to fill out and upload the required documents that are sent to your email. 

3. Go to the training center tab, select the Homebuyer Education course you'd like to attend, register and pay.

4. If interested in free one-on-one pre purchase planning, you will be prompted to schedule a homeownership planning appointment after you upload the necessary documents (Note - if you do not upload the required documents you will not be prompted for an appointment until you do so).

Having trouble with our customer portal? Check out this step-by-step guide!

Class Details

A 45-minute pre-purchase planning session is highly recommended (and required to receive a certificate) prior to Homebuyer Education.  Click here for disclosures. Children are not suitable for this classroom environment. Please arrange for your own childcare. 


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