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Generous Donations Kick-off NeighborWorks Endowment

Generous Donations Kick-off NeighborWorks Endowment

Katie Batterbee - Tuesday, February 06, 2018

NeighborWorks Great Falls has received tremendous community support as the kick off their multi-year endowment campaign. Major contributions include the Thayer family, Cari and Jim Yturri, Steve and Carla King, Johnson Madison – Bill and Larry Madison, First Interstate Bank and anonymous donors. Donations from these supporters alone total over $260,000. The NeighborWorks Endowment, including investments and pledges, now stands at $612,000. Many donors took advantage of the Montana Endowment Tax Credit, which gives a donor an income tax credit up to $10,000 per taxpayer for an endowment gift. NeighborWorks would like to thank the community for their continuous support, and in particular the generosity of the donors mentioned above.

First Interstate Bank presented NeighborWorks Great Falls with a check for $10,000. Kyle Herda, Branch Manager stated “First Interstate Bank has been a prominent supporter of NeighborWorks Great Falls for many years. As a financial institution, we can really recognize the value of the unique programs they offer to our community.”

Former long term Executive Director Sheila Rice emphasizes the importance of this endowment, looking to NeighborWorks’ future; “The future of NeighborWorks Great Falls is made possible by the endowment. As Federal funds dwindle, the endowment earnings will continue our long legacy of creating opportunities for homeownership for hard working families. Our new Executive Director, Sherrie Arey, will carry the endowment campaign forward to reach the $2.5 million goal, which supports 100 homebuyers every year, forever”.

Sherrie Arey, NeighborWorks’ new Executive Director thanks the community for their previous support and continuous generosity throughout this endowment. “Our community is dedicated to creating strong neighborhoods and successful homeowners; this is exemplified by the commitment made by so many who are supporting our endowment. We have a long history of benefiting from a very generous community in our fund drive and many of those same individuals and businesses are now setting the pace in our endowment campaign. We are so very grateful for their deep understanding of our mission and the long term investment they are making in our future and in the future of families throughout Great Falls”.


About NeighborWorks Great Falls’ Endowment: The NeighborWorks’ Endowment will allow NeighborWorks Great Falls to provide homes and mortgages, plus education and planning to create successful homeowners for years to come, despite rapidly shrinking federal funds. Every day, families come into NeighborWorks Great Falls determined to find a way to create wealth through homeownership. They are willing to work for a home, but need a little bit of help to get there. School debt, cost of living, and high rents are keeping these families and individuals from living out their dream of homeownership. Attaining a home would provide a safe and stable place to live, and a place for their family to thrive. “Homeownership and the pride that comes with it should never be taken for granted. That’s why we are proud to help build the NeighborWorks’ endowment so that many generations can enjoy the pride, satisfaction, and community that come with owning and living in the comfort of their own home” – Board Member, Steve King and his wife Carla.

An endowment creates an income stream for the future that assures good work can continue, regardless of the variations of federal and foundation funding. Certain charitable donations will qualify for the Montana endowment income tax credit and can be made in a variety of forms. All contributions quality for the Federal and State charitable income tax deduction. Please visit for more information.



NeighborWorks Endowment

NeighborWorks Endowment

Katie Batterbee - Friday, June 09, 2017

The NeighborWorks’ Great Falls Endowment goal is $2.5 million. These funds will allow NeighborWorks Great Falls to help 100 families into homeownership, every year, forever.

NeighborWorks Great Falls started an Endowment fund several years ago, after the death of long-time supporter Frank Shaw. Jump started by a $100,000 gift from former Board president and neighborhood resident, Bill Roberts and the Roberts Family Foundation, the Endowment has now grown to just under a half million dollars.An endowment is a donation of funds held in perpetuity for a charitable benefit. The earnings from the endowment are used to support the work of NeighborWorks far into the future. An endowment can be funded in a variety of ways, including cash, securities or a bequest in your will.The state of Montana has the unique advantage of the Endowment Tax Credit, where the donor receives a tax credit of 40% of the value of the donation of a planned gift. A planned gift can be a gift annuity, a life insurance policy or similar type of gift. For businesses, the Endowment Tax Credit offers a 20% tax credit for a cash or other gift and does not require a planned gift.Under the capable direction of board member Cari Yturri, the Endowment Committee is working on the next stage of the Endowment, preparing to ask NeighborWorks supporters to make an investment in our future by pledging to the Endowment.

A gift of $25,000 provides enough earnings to create one new homeowner every year forever. A gift of $50,000 supports two homeowners forever and so on. NeighborWorks’ supporters who make an Endowment gift will know that their generosity will live on through local homeowners for years to come. For more information, please visit the NeighborWorks Great Falls Endowment Page.

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